On The Issues

Melissa’s priorities:

  • Healthcare-I will focus on the opioid crisis that is sweeping through our communities. We need to treat addiction as a disease, not a crime. I will work to assure a safety net for our children if Congress does not renew CHIP. I will work to increase healthcare access for all.

  • Education-I will be a strong advocate for education and a supporter of public schools. I will fight to increase funding for our underfunded schools, streamline access to special education, fight vouchers, and support teachers.

  • Environment-I will be a strong, vocal advocate for our environment to reverse the effects of climate change. I will work to transition away from fossil fuels through renewable energy, and enact smart regulations on fracking to protect our air and water.

  • Equality-I will fight for paid parental leave and equal pay. I will support anti-harassment policies in the workplace. I will work to end policies that create a school to prison pipeline & mass incarceration in private prisons. I will fight to protect voting rights and work for equal representation in government and industry.

  • Economy-I will prioritize small businesses. I will work to combat growing inequality. I fight for funding for infrastructure programs. I will work to grow middle class prosperity.

  • Reform-I will fight to reform TABOR to make it work for the people of the state. I will also reform campaign finance laws to get the damaging influence of big money out of politics.